Network Audits

Regular network audits are essential in todays enterprise for a number of reasons which include security, performance, planning MACs, ensuring service level agreements are being adhered to and planning network growth.

  • How much more bandwidth can your current infrastructure handle?
  • Where are the bottlenecks on your network & why are they there?
  • What impact are these having on your core systems?
  • Will the network be able to cope with a new application or application upgrade such as IP Telephony?
  • How secure is your data really - from internal and external attack?

If you cannot answer these kind of questions with 100% certainty it may be time to consider auditing your network. However, in order to carry out a comprehensive audit it is necessary to not only have expensive testing equipment but also specialist knowledge. Because of what we do, Matrix Net already have all of the necessary tools and can provide you with a detailed insight into your infrastructure. Once all the data has been collated, our consultants are available to help analyse it and offer advice on what steps can be taken to ensure your communications infrastructure not only performs today but also into the future.