Network Design

The design and installation of containment and cable infrastructure is undertaken by specialist staff working in conjunction with the clients representatives.

As part of a complete network system design it will generally be necessary to design a containment infrastructure or to enhance an existing containment infrastructure to facilitate the installation of cable plant. All proposals for designing, planning and implementing a containment infrastructure will be prepared with reference to the requirements and stipulations detailed in the relevant Client and Matrix Net documentation.

During the containment infrastructure design phase of any Network System Design, Matrix Net will undertake the identification of a suitable System Equipment Room (SER) and wiring closet positions, cableway routings between equipment rooms, wide area network service connection points and the routes from SER's to end users.

Matrix Net will make recommendations relating to the location of suitable new equipment, cable and outlet containers and enclosures as well as the positions and means of presentation of the outlets, and the category and performance of the cabling systems.

Care will be taken to ensure the sizing and routes of the proposed cableway enclosures and the presentation of terminations are fully suitable for the current and future requirements.

As part of a proposed systems solution, Matrix Net will address all aspects associated with providing the system solution, including all enabling works from builders and other trades needed to facilitate the delivery of the designed system.

The containment infrastructure design phase will include the preparation of drawings, illustrations and plans where necessary utilising design tools such as AutoCAD and Visio as well as complete parts lists reflecting the proposed system design.