Structured Cabling

cat6a_cablingSpecifying a structured cabling system that will meet the long term communication needs of your organisation is a challenging task given the speed at which technology is advancing. It is vital that you install a system that will provide superior electrical performance with adequate headroom to accommodate future technology. The system must also be flexible enough to provide unfailing end to end performance regardless to the number of moves, adds and changes you make.


At Matrix Net, providing copper and fibre solutions that ensure data integrity is our mission. Our commitment to this is evident in every aspect to our business from system design, installation and testing, employee training scheme right through to our customer support and our comprehensive certified installer warranty.


To assure long term system performance, you need a warranty that will stand behind your structured cabling system because without data integrity, nothing else matters. Our Connectix solutions offer a 25 year warranty, this covers system products, applications and performance and ensures that your network operates flawlessly and support any device that is designed to the TIA/EIA 568-ISO11801 standards.


All our installations are tested using Fluke test equipment to ensure the relevant standards are met for Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a cabling including the new BS6701:2004. Once the installation is complete, these test results make up part of the comprehensive installation documentation you will receive.


One of the keys to a successful structured cable installation is good project management and upon award of any contract, Matrix Net will appoint a named project manager who will become the principal contact for the duration of the installation.


The project manager will be responsible to ensure timescale's are adhered to and liaise closely with client staff. If any issues should arise, the project manager has the power to escalate them directly to board level to ensure a resolution is as swift as possible.