Quality Assurance

Cabling infrastructures that ensure network performance and data integrity are core to the success of Matrix Net and we are committed to providing the best possible installations at the most competitive prices.

We achieve this in a number of ways, which include:

  • Training - Matrix Net firmly believe in the development of it's staff and ensure everyone attends the relevant courses to allow them to best perform their role and understand the roles of other employees.
  • Testing - Every Matrix Net installation is tested with the appropriate equipment including Fluke certified and calibrated equipment to ensure it meets the relevant industry and manufacturers standard. Only when the installation has been tested and the results presented to the end user will an invoice be raised.
  • Brand Choice - Our commitment to quality means we will only supply market leading brands that are backed by full and comprehensive warranties giving you the peace of mind that your cabling infrastructure is protected for years to come.
  • BS5750 ISO 9002 - We are in the process of becoming a BS5750:ISO9002 registered company for the supply and installation of network cabling and equipment. Our current systems that are in place ensure that all of our installations will meet or exceed the performance requirements of EN50173.
  • Hours of business - a busy environment can pose unnecessary Health and Safety risks. For this reason Matrix Net are happy to work outside of normal working hours. This has the added benefit of no distractions thus maximising the installation time.